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is over

Don't run out of tasting Sunions!
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Why use onions
that don’t make
you cry?

Because there are enough reasons to cry in life,
and if we’re seeking to find another one, let it better
be why not a romantic film. Because an onion does
not need to irritate your eyes to make your recipes
taste delicious. And if you’re going to shed any tears
in the kitchen, make them tears of delight.

Discover Sunions

Laura, 31 years old

I like onions in my omelette, but I haven’t cooked with them for years to avoid the tears.

The first tearless onions in Spain

No tears

Sunions are the only onions that won’t make you cry. That’s what makes them different. Say goodbye to the home remedies in the kitchen.


Every onion is unique, that’s the reason why we are different. Its characteristics make Sunions an innovative and revolutionary product in the kitchen.


Due to its authentic flavour, our onions are ideal for salads, stir-fry or as a basic ingredient in all types of recipes.


A sweet onion with a crunchy texture. As a result: a delicious onion.

Andrés, 46 years old

Sunions are a game-changer in my way to cook. Where have they been all this time?

Crying is natural. Sunions are too.

Sunions are grown in a natural way, taking care of its growth with traditional framing techniques. As a result? An exceptional and 100% natural product.

Isabel, 26 years old

Sunions forever. They are the perfect match for salads, pizza or a bass and prawns ceviche.


Crying with happiness is a real joy. In our social networks you can find ideas, recipes, contests and stories that will bring you to tears of laughter and emotion but not for cutting our onions.

If you see this pack,
put it in your basket

Sunions can be found in more and more shops
every day. You will cry if you don’t try them!